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As a water additive in fish farming, humic acid supports the overall health and survival of fish, leading to significantly reduced disease and improvement of water quality

The All-Natural Alternative

Water conditions that offer balanced values are ideal environments for fish. Sudden or fluctuating changes in water parameters cause stress to the fish, which makes them easily susceptible to pathogenic microorganisms and secondary infections. Various antibiotics and similar medications have been used in controlling or eliminating stress-related diseases to overcome such adverse conditions. However, the use of some antibiotics has been limited or stopped, as the efficiency of treatments decreases over time.

As an alternative approach, humic acids are natural and organic substances belonging to the natural environment of fish. They do not recognize this foreign matter as a threat, and continue usual activities without any reaction.

The Remarkable Benefits

In recorded fish farming tests, our humic acid water additive produced notably higher survival rates at eye-up and hatch stages when compared to ground water. In addition, humic acid improved survival, prevented the growth of fungus and changed the microbial community of the water in which eggs were incubated.

Further benefits of the humic acid water additive include:

  • Reduced environmental stress
  • Reduced contaminants & metals
  • Improved healing and gill health
  • Overall improvements to fish health