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Bio-Desolve Septic & Drain Line Treatment treats the ENTIRE system – including the drain field – which oftentimes is the costliest to repair and replace.

Septic sludge builds up in all septic tanks, and this sludge is the result of incomplete decomposition – often caused by chemicals, detergents and other toxins that have been flushed into the tank, that have harmed or killed the beneficial bacteria and microbes present.

Over time, the sludge builds up creating a bio mat, causing odours, blockages and backups, or overflow onto your lawn. This is the #1 reason why septic systems fail, it can become an expensive problem to solve and can become a serious health threat.

Replacing your drain field should never be your first or only option.

What is Bio-Desolve®?

Bio-Desolve is an all-natural, environmentally friendly, humic carbon-based liquid product that can be flushed down toilets, poured down drains, or poured directly into septic tanks and any accessible distribution boxes. It works to restore a natural balance of microbial life, activating the natural biodigestion system to eliminate common issues found with septic systems and drain fields.

Main Benefits of Bio-Desolve:

  • Reduces or eliminates the bio mat
  • Reduces odours and harmful gases, providing a safer and more pleasant environment
  • Cleans entire system – from pipes to tank to drain field, which means minimal maintenance
  • Increases volume retention and storage capabilities of the septic tank or holding tank by reducing organic solids
  • Stabilizes contaminants and nutrients resulting in a healthier environment for microbes to function optimally

How to Integrate Bio-Desolve into Your Campground for Free

  • Sell 1L units of Bio-Desolve directly to your campers (or through your camp store) and ask that they flush it down their toilets or drains in spring and fall
  • Give 1L units of Bio-Desolve to your campers when they check in for the season, ask them to flush it down their toilets or sinks, add it into the cost of the site.
  • Have the campground apply Bio-Desolve throughout the year to any and all available distribution boxes, and work into the cost of the site.

*Dependant on how your campground integrates the program.

Please call or email us today at campground@mtsenvironmental.ca OR 1-519-878-0158 so we can walk you through how to treat your septic system for FREE.

We have been using your product, Bio-Desolve, in as many septic systems as possible in Heritage Estates Mobile Home Park for a year now. You were recommended by the company that cleans our tanks from their experience with your product at other parks. We have about 90% of our tanks on board now.

Since we cannot control what the residents put down the drain or how many family members they have visiting, this product is amazing. The added bonus is that Bio-Desolve is a natural and safe to the environment product, which we need because we are under a conservation authority’s watch.

We added the product a year ago, and only had to pump 1 tank recently, that was pumped 3 years ago. When we opened it there was no toilet paper or solids just a slurry that was easy to pump and very easy to clean.

If we had the product sooner, I truly feel that it would have eliminated the need for this pumping. We are now thinking of treating our pond to see if we can clean up the years of neglect and possibly bring up the fish population. I will keep you posted over the next year and hopefully have all 36 tanks working better, cleaner and safer. Thanks Again.

John, Site Manager
Heritage Estates Seaforth, Ontario

I’m the owner of Kitchigami Family Campground located about six kilometres south of Goderich, Ontario. I contacted MTS Environmental hoping they could solve my septic odour problems within the campground.

MTS Environmental proposed a shock and treatment program on April 29, 2005 for our entire septic system including holding tanks, septic lines and dual septic weeping beds. The results have been amazing, and the odours have been virtually eliminated. Within four weeks, Bio-Desolve thoroughly flushed out my septic lines and liquefied my holding tanks. The liquefaction allows my septic beds to work evenly and efficiently as they were designed to do.

The odour problems within my campground are 70-80% improved since inception of Bio-Desolve. I also am very pleased with the vastly improved state of my whole septic system with the use of this product.

I recommend using Bio-Desolve if you are experiencing these problems at your campground. Feel free to contact me with your questions or concerns at 519.524.6494, as I am still using Bio-Desolve to this day.

Bob Szusz
Kitchigami Family Campground, Goderich, Ontario

We currently use Bio-Desolve Septic Treatment at our trailer park resort, which is purchased from MTS Environmental. We invoice our
seasonal campers for two containers each season which eliminates the campers from using toxic chemicals. Our campers notice that we have no odours in the park and find the effluent flows more freely when the drain their tanks.

We also pump our big septic tanks every year as well as shock the tanks with a large dose of Bio-Desolve. We have also discovered that when we have our tanks pumped out in the spring, there is considerably less sludge at the bottom. We had been treating the park with another enzyme product for about ten years but noticed an improvement within two years of using Bio-Desolve.

I feel that this product is a good preventative maintenance for keeping all our tile fields clean and will continue using Bio-Desolve.

Mario Beyls
Stoney Point Resort, Hastings, Ontario

I am writing to give my praise about Bio-Desolve. The Town of Cochrane started using this product at our Waste Water Treatment Plant and Lagoons this summer. Although a bit skeptical at first, the operators agreed to try something new. It didn’t take long for me to get positive feedback from them.

I met with Mike, one of the operators of the WWTP to hear what it has done for our treatment process thus far. Here is what he had to say:

‘I am very pleased with the results Bio-Desolve has had at our WWTP. It gives a faster separation of our solids and enables us to take more supernatant. Supernatant is the liquid that is discharged after treatment. This saves on hauling cost because we are producing a thicker sludge and are able to release more liquid. We have been making adjustments to the amount of Bio-Desolve that is needed to thicken our sludge, and this has reduced costs even more. We have not yet been able to see the benefits at our lagoons, but seeing the effects at our WWTP, I believe it will benefit the lagoons as well.’

Now from the dollars and cents point of view! We have already seen a reduction in hauling costs. Previously, we would haul 24,000 gallons of
sludge bi-weekly at a cost of $1,809.21. We now haul only 12,000 gallons of sludge bi-weekly at a cost of $940.78. If we continue to save on hauling costs at this rate, the money saved this year in hauling fees alone will be $22,579.18.

Not only has your product made life a little easier for the operators, it has enabled us to save on costs which can be used for upgrades and or maintenance at our waste water treatment facility.

Lynn Chapleau, Compliance Officer
Town of Cochrane, Ontario