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Introducing a new product to the animal production market - FulviCharge!

  • FulviCharge is a fulvic acid based product (humate derivative) that has been VHP (Veterinary Health Product) registered with Health Canada (NN.L4P3)
  • FulviCharge is a liquid concentrate that gets mixed or metered into livestock and poultry drinking water
  • FulviCharge has a pH of 2.5 - helping with water acidification
  • Rates can be altered based on different variable such as water pH

Why We Use Humate as Base Ingredients:

  • Humates are bio-available, meaning they can be absorbed, recognized and used by the body easily
  • Humates lower water's surface tension, meaning water can easily penetrate and hydrate other molecules
  • Fulvic acid has a low molecular weight, so can pass through cells easily and transport minerals and nutrients quickly
  • Fulvic acid helps the body absorb nutrients and also oxygenates cells
  • Humates have been seen to play an important role as natural growth promoters via nutrient metbolism
  • The increase in nutrient digestibility is due to an increase in villus length (cause by humates), which increase the area of absorption, therefore suggesting improved growth performance
  • Humates have chemical compositions including proteins, vitamins, digestive enzymes, as well as water solubility properties and a number of antibacterial substances and immune stimulating agents
  • Humates have the ability to alter the intestinal microflora by increasing the counts of beneficial bacteria
  • Humates, due to their macro-collodial structure, provide a protective layer on mucous membranes, the gut and intestines, protecting against the penetration of harmful microbes and other toxic substances
  • Humates can stabilize gut microbiota and enhance nutrient utilization, which suggests a possible increase in body weight without the increase in the quantity of feed
  • Humates have been seen to have a nutraceutical properties which may prevent against pathogenic bacteria and could decrease mortality rate during acute bacterial infections

*References available upon request

Recommended Use:

  • Help support proper hydration
  • May Help maintain a healthy appetitie
  • May help maintain a balance of healthy microflora