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Manure Treatment

Natural Manure Treatment converts manure into an agricultural nutrient that is valuable to soil, and therefore crops. It is available in a liquid concentrate to apply directly to manure pits, lagoons, storage ponds, straw packs, etc.

Microbial oxidation of the organic compounds found in manure pits converts solids to forms of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and numerous other micronutrients that can be released at a slower pace. When spread over a field, the treated manure will add natural benefits like improved soil texture, deeper water percolation, and better water retention. In addition, with treatment, nutrients are stabilized and tied up in forms that are less likely to have an environmental impact, and more readily available for uptake by plants.

Benefits of Natural Manure Treatment

  • Reduces odours and harmful gases by reducing ammonia
  • Speeds composting of solid manure
  • Reduces solids in liquid manure – regaining storage capacity
  • Increases production efficiency
  • Aids in removing and preventing crusts for easier manure management
  • More uniform slurry
  • Increases available nutrients in manure allowing them to be more readily available to crops when land spreading, potentially decreasing fertilizer costs
  • 100% all natural, environmentally friendly and safe to handle
  • In side by side barn tests, increased Nitrogen availability& decreased Phosphorous concentrations