Bio-Desolve Septic & Drain Line Treatment treats the ENTIRE system – including the drain field – which oftentimes is the costliest to repair and replace.

Septic sludge builds up in all septic tanks, and this sludge is the result of incomplete decomposition – often caused by chemicals, detergents and other toxins that have been flushed into the tank, that have harmed or killed the beneficial bacteria and microbes present.

Over time, the sludge builds up creating a bio mat, causing odours, blockages and backups, or overflow onto your lawn. This is the #1 reason why septic systems fail, it can become an expensive problem to solve and can become a serious health threat.

Replacing your drain field should never be your first or only option.

Main Benefits:

  • Reduces or eliminates the bio mat
  • Reduces odours and harmful gases, providing a safer and more pleasant environment
  • Cleans entire system – from pipes to tank to drain field, which means minimal maintenance
  • Increases volume retention and storage capabilities of the septic tank or holding tank by reducing organic solids
  • Stabilizes contaminants and nutrients resulting in a healthier environment for microbes to function optimally

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