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Certified organic ingredients, 100% all-natural and environmentally friendly – safe for pet and children. Allowed for use in towns, cities and municipalities with chemical bans.

Whether your grass is growing in a residential backyard, a municipal park, on a golf course, on a lawn bowling rink or a sod farm, one thing remains the same….MTS Environmental’s Turf Pro Gold Soil & Foliar Program will help make it the best grass around. Our secret? We treat the grass and go deeper – to the root of the issue – and work to recondition the soil.

What the Turf Pro Gold Program Does:

  • Promotes proper soil structure
  • Improves the release of nutrients already in the soil
  • Aids in the uptake of nutrients by the grass, and the expulsion of waste
  • Reduces soil born diseases
  • Aids in water and fertilizer penetration
  • Grows a larger root mass
  • Grows a healthier stand of grass that is better able to fight of disease and pest attacks

Benefits you can expect to see include:

  • Reduction in fertilizer costs
  • Reduction in herbicide costs
  • Reduction in thatch accumulation
  • Reduction in water usage
  • A lawn that can better withstand stresses such as extreme heat, drought, over saturation, etc.
  • Quick green up after drought conditions
  • A healthier and thicker stand of grass with less room for weed seeds to take root