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wastewater treatment

Wastewater Treatment

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Bio-Desolve Wastewater Treatment improves the operating effectiveness of microorganisms found in Municipal Wastewater; by providing them with a food and energy source, protection from toxins and growth inhibitors, and an increased buffering capacity in the aerobic, anoxic, and anaerobic zones.

The combination of these results in:

  • Reduced facility operating costs (utilities, and chemicals)
  • Reduced biosolids hauling & disposal costs, along with the associated carbon footprint reduction
  • Accelerated bio-digestion of organic solids in digesters & holding tanks
  • Improved effluent quality (BOD5, TSS, Nitrogen, and Phosphorous Reductions), along with the associated improved aquatic environment (fewer excessive concentrations of algae and phytoplankton growth)
  • Reduced or postponed capital expenditure requirements
  • Reduced odours and odour complaints
  • Reduced E Coli Colony Forming Units (CFU)
  • Easy to apply (Passive Technology)
  • Safe to use and certified by Ontario Government, Canada

“We have been using MTS Environmental’s wastewater treatment in our two cell lagoon system for the past 18 months as a biosolids digestion aid. The results have been excellent and the support staff at MTS Environmental are super.”

James E. Grant, Chief of Operations
Edwardsburgh / Cardinal Environmental Services

The proprietary blend of Bio-Desolve® contains humic carbon as well as fulvic carbon.  These carbons improve the efficiency of the various treatment processes that occur within a wastewater treatment plant plus provide additional benefits such as:

  • Accelerated bio-digestion of organic solids in digesters and holding tanks
  • Increased volumes of decantable supernatant that can be moved back to the headworks
  • Decreased volumes of solids that are transferred to solids storage facilities

The added carbon absorbs and neutralizes many of the components of wastewater cause odours.  Odour at waste water treatment plants are caused by the organic overload of bio-solids and from raw sewage collected at holding tank.